iSpank: A Juvenile Distraction for iPhone and iPod Touch

iSpank - a silly little app - packs a smashing good time into your iPhone and iPod Touch. With the flick of a wrist you can make funny slapping noises that are sure to delight. You can also challenge your friends to a Spank War and settle once and for all who is the Spank Master among you.

Available on the App Store

Select Your Paddle

Choose from five paddle types - from the classic paddle to the barnyard chicken - all included for free and guaranteed to make you laugh.


How hard can you spank? Find out with iSpank's patent-forever-pending Spank-o-Meter. Impress your friends with a red-zone spank score.

Spank Wars

Launch a Spank War with your friends and frenemies to determine who spanks the hardest or the fastest.